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Friday, 25 April 2014

New Update, New Cheats!

Hey Stardoll users,
I just wanted to tell you all that this blog is now officially back after 3 years which means a complete makeover, woopwoop!! This makeover would probably take about 24 hours (starting on saterday) which means there will be new cheats/free items! Which also means the past cheats on this blog will be deleted, ONLY BECAUSE they are all closed down by stardoll and don't work no more, and so you dont waste your time trying to get an item which is now unavailable.

DON'T FOLLOW ANY POSTS OF GETTING FREE ITEMS BEFORE THIS POST because its very high that none of them work as they're all 2011/2012 items.

Thanks and keep checking up for when the update is done!

Gigglelygoo x

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