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Thursday, 1 September 2011

My Stardoll Life!

i Was Introduced to Stardoll from My Sister who is older, So i Have Been On stardoll for over 4 years but i Made my Dollie In 2OO9, I Called it Gigglelygoo, as i couldnt think of anything else, But i did Not Know What To do as stardoll Changed, It Use to be a website For Dressing up dollies but now its Creating your Own and Others, i Found Stardoll really fun and got use to it. i still remember What My Dollie Looked Like, its had a blonde Bob and Freckles and Pale White Skin, i Started with Hannah Montana Clothes that You Get In the Club, Because in 2009 you Started with a Naked Doll, and Everybody starts with stardollers, there Were No Starcoins. But Anyway, i always wanted to be a Superstar but my parents wont let me, But i Kept on begging and begging and soon they made me one, but only for a month, At the time they Didnt have Superstar features, Didnt Have No Parties, all they Had was Pretty Much Clubs, shops, Games to win 5 stardollers and Dress Up Celebs. They Had No Royaltys but That Pretty New Anway. Stardoll Had a Completely Different Design. But they Had the Shops ELLE and DKNY and LE. But the Sad Thing Was i Didnt Buy Any but Now i Wish i did, My Sister Bought Some ELLE she Bought 2 dresses, Necklace and shoes But then she hardly went on that account as she had hundreds. as the Days Went by, i got Bored of stardoll And Didnt go on it for about 3-4 months, and when i went back on i saw they got rid of DKNY and ELLE. And my Superstar ended.
Later in 2O1O, they Complety Changed Stardoll, Makeing it more fun and exciting. but It was Really Confusing as they changed everything but then i got use to it as i found out what Everything was.and bought in Starcoins, i didnt like them much as they made everything higher, and you couldnt buy Superstar clothes in bazaars no more
Later in 2O11, I became Superstar for 3 months and was looking at DKNY,LE,ELLE stuff in the bazaar and got Luck Finding a DKNY Dress that was 8sd! But then sadly, i stupidly Gave Out My Pass To My Ex-Best Friend and SHE Took it, Her Name Was Miss.Lolarosa, but then she got hacked And then they took my dress, but i never found out who was the Hacker, so i never Got My Dress Back. But Right Now i am Just Voting Dollies for MSW and Asking Dolls If they Can Vote me, its My Dream to Become MSW, As i have been on stardoll for ages and i would love to become Royalty, as i dont have enough Money to Become One at the moment, so if you Have time Please Vote Me as i am Very Desperate to Become MSW x Thanks :)

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